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Christ Feeding Ministries
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Christ Feeding Ministries
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Christ Feeding Ministries celebrated its fourth anniversary on January 22 2011. 
The event was made public in Lungi, Sierra Leone, where God lead the Founder, Thomas Kargbo, four years in 2007 to begin this noble work to serve his people, in exchange for the opportunity the Government of Sierra Leone gave him to further his education overseas. People from the surrounding villages especially the totally 
disabled and wheelchair bound were transported to the venue, at the Military 
Barracks in Soktar, which is located near the Govt Hospital. The coordinator of 
the event, Pastor Patrick Sesay, honorably demonstrated his stewardship with the 
meager sum of $150.00 he received from the United States. With wisdom, he 
stretched the resources thin to accommodate and provide food for everyone who 
came to the event. Eye witness report revealed that close to 800 people were in 
attendance. The equivalent of $150 to the Leone, our local currency was 628,000. 00. With that money,the Pastor bought three bags of rice, some bush meat, fish, poultry and necessary ingredients to prepare the food. 

After the congregation ate, the sermon was delivered. An Alter call was made
and 356 people gave their lives to Christ. Glory be to God!

On April 10th. 2011,Christ Feeding Ministries was officially launched at Chapel of the Good Shepard in Yeadon Pennsylvania, USA.

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