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About Us!

Thomas Kargbo, a Doctoral candidate, received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Arts in Minsk, Belarus, in June 1994; with a concentration in Drama Directing. He has successfully acted the main characters and directed episodes from the following Plays: “The Zoo Story”, “Anna Christi”, “Things Fall Apart”, “Julius Caesar”, “The Government Inspector”, 
“Unfortunate Day” and the “The Island”, to mention but a few.

Mr. Kargbo was a summer intern at the Actors Theatre Workshop from June 12th through
 August 14th 1991. He audited Thurman E. Scott’s professional scene study where he was able to observe firsthand the training and directorial work of the artistic director and founder. Mr. Scott has never before allowed an auditor in his workshop and it was an honor for Mr. Kargbo. 
Mr. Scott’s assessment of Mr.Kargbo’s development was that he demonstrated excellence, vision, and deep commitment to creative discipline. The techniques, philosophies and care in the training he has received have allowed him the opportunity to become a unique voice in the theatre.

Apart from his academic training, Mr. Kargbo has been an accomplished human services professional. He has worked as a counselor, Activities Director, a Case Manager and a Behavioral Consultant for the mentally challenged / developmentally disabled for the past
15 years.

In recognition of his dedication and commitment to fruitful service in the Lord's vineyard and the work he does as a support professional in advocacy and supportive services to people with disabilities; Brother Thomas was elevated to the post of Deacon, by the Primate of the Church of Aladura, world wide Ministries, in the Bronx N.Y. on April 8th. 2001. Subsequently,the same 
year in August, he became an ordained Minister. Mr. Kargbo served in the office of the Secretary General U.S.A. branch for more than two years, until his relocation to Pennsylvania.

His vision to alleviate hunger and support the needy, has motivated him to establish this charity – Christ Feeding Ministries here in the U.S. and in his home country Sierra Leone.

As an intercessor, Thomas devotes a great deal of his time in spiritual warfare to unlock doors of opportunities, call forth healings, cry for divine remembrance, counter the gates of oppression, impossibilities, stagnation and contends the forces of delayed blessings.

Thomas has three children: Umar, Esther and Elizabeth. He works full time at Commonwealth Supportive Services, LLC in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. In his current position as Executive Director, his work entails overseeing the General Operations of the organization as they provide appropriate supports and services to the elderly, and individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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